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Four Points about the Steel Ball Matching of Cone Ball Mill

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Loading capacity and cooperation of the steel ball matching of cone ball mill has a significant influence on its output and products quality. So ball matching is an important part of daily technical management.

The Steel Ball of Cone Ball Mill Should Meet the Following Conditions:

1. Impact force: the steel ball of cone ball mill is a medium to grind materials. It will strike and grind materials into powder in the rotating process of ball mill. The impact force of steel ball exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, making material crushed, but excessive impact will impose a stronger force on liner and cylinder of cone ball mill, which leads to large energy consumption. So we should put the steel ball's impact force in the first position to consider.

2. Grinding force: the grinding efficiency is mainly dependent on the contact size between steel ball and materials in the rotating process of ball mill. The contact size is especially important for the fine grinding storehouse which mainly relies on grinding force to work.

3. Impact number: to increase impact number is the main method to improve the fineness and output of materials. To improve impact number through decreasing the steel ball's diameter or increasing its number is necessary for impact and crushing. The impact force, impact frequency and material stock ability of steel ball depends on the diameter of cone ball mill. Under the same load, the impact force is in direct proportion to the average diameter; the relation also applies to the void content and the flow speed of materials; if the impact number decreases, the materials storage ability will also turn weak. For the materials hard to grind, we should put stronger impact force, increase impact number and prolong the grinding time in the cylinder. The actual process should be according to the actual situation.

4. Storage capacity and squeezing force: the granular composition of big and small balls can reduce gap between balls and increase its stacking density, enabling it to have a suitable storage capacity. Thus it has two functions: 1. Prolong grinding time by controlling the materials' flow speed in ball mill. 2. Squeezing materials out to bring convenience to big ball to crush them.

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