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Introduction of the Strong and Weak Magnetic Materials

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Which minerals belong to the strong magnetic or weak magnetic ones?

According to the different specific susceptibilities of the different minerals, magnetic minerals can be divided into strong magnetic and weak magnetic minerals. The strong magnetic minerals include magnetite, titanium magnetite, franklinite and pyrrhotite etc. And the weak magnetic minerals include hematite, martite, limonite and siderite, ilmenite, manganite, psilomelane, black mica and pyroxene etc.

What are the magnetic characteristics of weak magnetic minerals?

Most of the weak magnetic minerals belong to the paramagnetic materials with a much weaker magnet than the strong magnetic materials, not having a magnetic domain structure. It has nothing to do with the factors such as the shape and size of the particles, and it is only determined by its composition and structure. However, if the weak magnetic mineral containing even a small amount of strong magnetic minerals can also have a significant influence on the magnet. This machine is widely used in mineral processing, coal washing and chemical industry etc, and used for wet separating of the strong magnetic mineral within 0-6mm in size.

What effects does Strong magnetic mineral separation process on magnetic?

The strong magnetic minerals represented by the magnetite have a magnetic domain structure, which is a small area of internal spontaneous magnetization when there is no additional magnet outside. Each domain has a certain magnetization direction, while every magnetic domain has a different magnetization direction. From a micro point of view, the magnetization effect of every magnetic domain cancels each other out, so the overall ore is not magnetic. When the added magnetic field is gradually strengthened, the magnetic domain of the same side with the spontaneous magnetization direction is bigger, at this time, the magnetite shows a great magnet.

The effects are: 1. The recycle of the magnetite can be realized by a low magnetic field. 2. The magnet will be remained in the magnetite once being magnetized. 3. The micro-fine magnetite has a weak magnet, so the recycle of them needs stronger magnet. Thus the over-grinding should be avoided.

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