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Effective Methods to Improve the Service Life of Hematite Magnetic Separator

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For some larger sized mineral processing equipment, the longer they are used, the greater economic benefits they will bring in. Therefore, the users of mineral processing equipment all want to buy such ore dressing equipment with longer service life.

With the purpose of improving the service life of mineral processing equipment, we have to pay more attention to its maintenance during the process of operation. Here we will take the maintenance work of hematite magnetic separator for example to illustrate the most effective methods to improve hematite magnetic separator's service life.

Hematite Magnetic Separator

1. Avoid unnecessary damages to the high intensity hematite magnetic separator, and prevent the hematite magnetic separator cell from being mixed in iron blocks or other foreign matters. If any is found, we should immediately shut down the machine to clear away.

2. Pay attention to the transmission chain of hematite magnetic separator with appropriate elastic, neither too loose nor too tight. If the transmission chain is found worn seriously, change it in time. Besides, check and repair the worn drum skin of hematite magnetic separator and control the temperature of the bearing and electric motor within seventy Celsius degree.

3. Timely complement the lubricating oil for hematite magnetic separator, making it at its best.

Of course, these methods not only apply to hematite magnetic separator, but also go for other mineral processing equipment , for the sake to improve equipment service life.

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