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How to Keep Your Agitating Flotation Machine at Its Best?

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Agitating flotation machine is suitable for selecting ferrous metal as well as non-metallic minerals such as coal, fluorite, talc and so on. The motor v-belts drives the impeller to rotate, and accordingly generates centrifugal effect which forms the negative pressure. On the one hand, inhale plenty of air to fully mix with the ore pulp; On the one hand, stir the ore pulp to sufficiently mingle with the agents and refine the foam at the same time, so as to make the minerals adhere to it and float to the pulp surface to form mineralized froth. Adjust the damper height and control the liquid level and finally scrape the useful foam out.

Agitating Flotation Machine

1. The working ability and service life of the agitating flotation machine is determined by its maintenance. To keep the major parts work normally, we should conduct a careful check on all the working parts at a fixed period of 3 to 4 months, and in the first few running months of a new agitating flotation machine, we should inspect it frequently;

2. The inspection should be conduct by skilled operators only.

3. In order to timely replace the quick-wear parts and shorten downtime, there must always reserve a full set of quick-wear parts in the warehouse. Determine the operating life and reserves of the quick-wear parts according to specific circumstances, .

4. Provide the agitating flotation machine operators with certain technical guidance and training, seeking to make them fully familiar with the machine.

5. In order to avoid dirt and impurities involved in the oil, use oil filter to fill oil and seal the oil tank cap when the flotation machine is running.

6. Check thoroughly before the boot and inform the adjacent process.

7. The starting sequence is to switch on the gate firstly and then press the start button.

8. After the boot, it is forbidden to touch the rotating parts with hands.

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