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The Usage and Maintenance of Flotation Machine Need to Notice

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Flotation machine is suitable for selecting non-ferrous and ferrous metal, as well as nonmetal materials such as coal fluorite and talc. The motor v-belts of flotation machine drives the impeller to rotate, forming negative pressure by generating centrifugal effect. On the one hand, inhale plenty of air to mix with the ore pulp; On the other hand, stir the ore pulp to mix with the chemical agents. And at the same time refine the foam to make the mineral adhere to it, and float to the surface of ore pulp to form mineralized foam. Adjust the damper height and control the liquid level to make the useful foam scraped out by the scraper.

Flotation Machine

Usage and Maintenance:

1. The processing ability and service time of flotation machine just like that of any other machines are determined by its usage condition and maintenance. Carefully inspect the main parts of the flotation machine every three or four months of running. In addition, during the first few months of operation of a new flotation machine, it should be checked regularly.

2. Only skilled personnel is available for inspection.

3. Reserve a complete set of spare parts in the warehouse to ensure timely replacement and to reduce downtime. According to the working life of the quick -wear parts in different situations to determine the reserve for them.

4. Give some technical guidance and training to the flotation machine operators to make them fully familiar with the machine.

5. When the flotation machine is in operation, make sure that the oil cap is sealed, in order to avoid the useless things mixing in the oil.

6. Check and inform the staff in charge of the previous and the next working procedure before starting up.

7. The starting up sequence: First to press the gate switch and then turn on the start button.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating part of the flotation machine when it is running.


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