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The Future Development Trends of Magnetic Separator

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With the development of high performance permanent magnetic materials in domestic and foreign market, the continuous optimization of magnetic separation equipment accelerates the permanent magnetic separator and gradually replaced the electromagnetic and magnetic separation process. With the development of domestic and foreign mining enterprises in the automatic control technology fields, the mining equipment manufacturing with high automation level has also been increased. The requirements for the precision of magnetic mineral separation equipment field are also getting higher and higher. In the future, the domestic magnetic separator has the following five development trends:

1. Magnetic separation equipment.

Considering the actual needs of the magnetic separation for minerals, the magnetic separator manufacturers has more focus on the fine design of magnetic separator parts as well as expanding the processing capacity of the equipment. The design of magnetic system has introduced high performance permanent magnetic materials, optimized structure and advanced magnetic system design. By adding auxiliary magnetic system, it can reduce the magnetic leakage phenomenon to the maximum extent, so as to improve the accuracy of the magnetic separator during the separation process of minerals.

2.Much wider applications.

The application range of magnetic separator has increased the degree of mineral processing, which shows the characteristics of strong magnetic separation ability, and it can be widely applied to various fields to expand the application fields.

3. Large equipment.

Due to the increasing demand for mineral resources and rapid development of the mining industry, mining equipment manufacturing industry continues to expand. The equipment is difficult to adapt to the gradual expansion of production capacity, so the research and production of mining equipment maker is committed to large magnetic separation equipment.

4. The renewal of the equipment.

With the development of science and technology, the processing technology of high performance permanent magnetic material is also more and more complex. The continuous improvement and extension continuously improves the assembly technology and automatic control technology. When combined with the actual demand, the production efficiency of magnetic separator has been accelerated.

5. High automation equipment.

The development of automation technology, especially the improvement of industrial productivity, so as to meet the needs of automatic production in mining enterprises.

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