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How to Choose the Magnetic Separator?

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With the development of mining equipment, the magnetic separator has a more and more important position in ore beneficiation field, so there are many magnetic separator manufacturers in China. But only some of them have qualified magnetic separator and satisfying after-sale service. Many of them don't have core technology about magnetic separator and don't pay enough attention to the products' after-sale service.

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1. Magnetic separator is applied in combination with crusher or mill, so the ore granularity has big influence on magnetic separator choosing. (Its price is also determined by its magnetic field force, especially under the condition that the price of rare earth is too high today.)

2. What minerals are contained in the ores? Magnetic separator is mainly suitable for manganese magnetite, limonite, hematite, oligonite, ilmenite, wolframite, manganese ore, manganese carbonate ore, metallurgical manganese ore, manganese oxide ore, iron ore, kaolin, rare earth ore, etc. So this procedure can be saved if the ore is not included above.

3. It is important to know which procedure it is when separating ores with magnetic separator. Some procedures are heat resistant, while some procedures have normal temperature. for example, in the heat resistant working environment, the magnet can stand the highest temperature at 150。C or so, and the magnet force will reduce as the time goes on. The magnetic field intensity of other magnet is also reduced with the time. So they all have a certain service life.

4. Last and most important is to do experiment. Many customers have a mentality of shopping around, which is good for machine choosing, because we should compare its quality and price with other related machines. But the only thing we need to pay attention is to choose the most suitable machines and not lured by their cheap price to avoid being cheated.

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