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The Development of Ball Mill Is Necessary for National Progress

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The current non-metallic mineral industry mainly has the following problems: first, the mineral resources exploration and protection is not well planned, which is shown in resource waste and damage. Some key minerals are explored excessively and unordered. Second, the enterprises are 'small and dispersed', and they have low industrial concentration and poor scale effect. Third, the whole industry has a low technical level, weak deep processing and application technology. Fourth, the industry management system is not sound, and the running monitoring needs to be strengthened.

Faced with these four developmental problems, Fote Machinery thinks that we must speed up the technological development and promote the industrial structure adjustment of ball mill if we want to be a non-metallic mineral power.

1. Speed Up Technological Progress

We should research the key technology and play the enterprise's leading role to innovate. Build a specialized research and development center in the mineral resource area and the non-metallic mineral industrial concentration, in order to make breakthrough in key preparation and application technology of nonmetallic mineral products and produce fine products to satisfy the needs of the downstream industry. In addition, speed up the construction of stone cultural and creative design and research and development ability of customized products.

Develop professional equipment. We should speed up the construction of large-scale, efficient, energy-saving and nonmetallic mineral structure protective equipment. for example, we should adopt mill if we want to produce calcite powder.

2. Promote the Structural Adjustment

Speed up product upgrading. Promote the deep processing of non-metallic mineral and strive to develop high-performance non-metallic mineral products to match strategic industry, hi-tech drying equipment. Develop specialized and functional equipment varieties.

Improve the industrial concentration. Encourage large enterprise groups integrate upstream and downstream industries, extend the industrial chain and be stronger as soon as possible through joint and reorganization. Make the industrial access stricter and eliminate the high energy consumption and heavy environmental pollution.

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