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The Important Basis of Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

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When choosing drum magnetic separator, there are several major indicators we need to keep in mind. Minerals can be divided into three categories according to the magnitude of the magnetism.

1.The magnetic minerals, such as magnetite, magnetic pyrite, etc. The number of this kind of minerals is not large.

2.The weak-magnetic minerals, such as limonite, ilmenite, hematite, psilomelane, pyrolusite and garnet. This kind of minerals are numerous.

3.The non-magnetic minerals. Most of the non-ferrous metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals fall into this category.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

The difference of mineral magnetism is the basis of magnetic separation for the double drum magnetic separator. Due to the different magnetism between the minerals, when they enter into the magnetic field of magnetic separator, they will receive different magnetic forces and finally be divided into magnetic products and non-magnetic products, which also can be called as strong-magnetic products and weak-magnetic products.

The magnetic separating operations of drum magnetic separator are carried out depending on the difference in mineral particles' magnetism. Mineral magnetism can be measured. In the magnetic field of double magnetic separator, the strong-magnetic minerals suffer stronger magnetic forces, the weak-magnetic minerals suffer weak magnetic forces and the non-magnetic minerals are generally not affected by magnetic force or only suffer a very weak force. The magnetic particles are attracted by magnetic force and adhere to the drum of double drum magnetic separator. Then they will be brought to a certain height together with the drum and get rid of the magnetic field and be washed off the magnetic drum by high pressure flushing water.

Choosing an appropriate magnetic separator makes it possible to achieve the maximum benefit.

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