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Advanced Copper Ore Dressing Process Flow

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China is the one of these countries who has high copper reserves in the world, with a total copper reserves of 62.43 million tons, ranking 7th in the world. Now the rich copper mines account for 35% in the explored reserves. Copper mines are widely distributed and there are 910 mining areas have been explored.

Copper ore separation plant mainly consists of copper jaw crusher, vibrating feeder(optional), copper ball mill, copper ore spiral classifier, copper magnetic separator, copper flotation machine, thickener and copper ore dryer.

Copper Ore Dressing Process Flow

Copper ore beneficiation process can be divided into the following three parts roughly:

1.The crushing process: the basic process to smash copper ores, aimed at crushing the raw ores to an appropriate size and so as to facilitate the grinding procedure.

2.The grinding process: further process the ores to get a smaller size, in order to cooperate with the flotation and separate materials.

3.The flotation process: the important process to refine copper ores.

The raw copper ores will be preliminarily crushed by copper jaw crusher to a reasonable fineness, then through the elevator and feeder sent to the copper ball mill. Later, the ore fines will proceed to the next procedure: classification. Copper ore spiral classifier is used to wash and classify the mineral mixture. After that, the classified minerals will be sent to the copper magnetic separator to separate the magnetic materials out by magnetic force and mechanical force. The primarily separated mineral particles will be fed into the copper flotation machine and added in different agents according to different mineral properties, so as to make the desired minerals separated from other substances.

After having been separated out, the desired minerals will be enriched by the thickener and then dehydrated by copper ore dryer. And thus we can finally get the dry copper powder with a grade up to 45%.

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