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The Common Faults Summary of Fluorite Flotation Machine and Solutions

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During the beneficiation flotation machine may encounter various kinds of problems inevitably. Next, let's analyze the major faults which easily happen to the fluorite flotation machine.

First to introduce the main faults of each part of fluorite flotation machine.

1. The gearbox: over-high oil temperature, uneasy to engage the gear, automatic off-gear, and knocking noise.

2. The steering clutch: slipping, steering failure, pedal plate bounce when depressed.

3. Steering hydraulic booster: operating arm easy to get stuck and laborsome to operate, unequal operating forces of the left and right operating arms, inconsistent final position of the left and right operating arms, oil leakage.

Fluorite Flotation Machine

4. The driving wheel: bearing failure, screw looseness of gear box, oil seal leakage.

Over-high oil temperature: gearbox oil level is too low, the bearing is installed too tight, poor lubrication, supercharge.

Solutions: check the oil level, check local temperature of the bearing, adjust the bearing clearance.

Uneasy to engage the gear & automatic off-gear: gear tooth surface spalling or spline wear, the gear hard to move, excessive clearance, dowel wear, weak spring elasticity, incomplete meshing of the gears when shifting, inaccurate adjustment of the axle jack pull rod.

Solutions: check the pull rod clearance of the axle jack, change new spring.

Knocking noise: wear of the tooth surface, excessive clearance between the teeth, spline loose.

Solutions: check the wear of the parts and mating surface area.

In addition, the commonly used agents of flotation machine are foaming agent, collecting agent, inhibitor.

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