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The Installation and Maintenance of the Mining Ball Mill

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The installation and precautions of the ball mill:

1. The appropriate crane mobile devices should be used to install the ball mill, avoiding the unnecessary loss.

2. The foreign materials should be removed from the reserved hole, especially the oil, water, dust or other liquids on the inside wall of it.

3. According to the length of the cylinder measured and hollow shaft size and the gap between the feed end hollow shaft shoulder and the axis of the main bearing in the whole layout, modify the center distance between the two main bearings, and then make the basic lineation accordingly.

4. The chain block needs to be used around the perimeter of the lifting objects, then make the small-scale adjustment.

5. The ball mill should be positioned well, and the foundation bolt should receive the back-grouting after being fastened to the frame of the chassis.

6. You also need to wait 24 hours after the completion of installation, and then to tighten the nuts and make the trial run with load.

The daily maintenance methods of the ball mill:

The ball mill, equipped with a rotating drum driven by the belt movement inside it, is widely used in many industries. The evaporation of water is due to the high temperature around the drum. The productivity of the ball mill improves sharply, and the present concern is how to maintain it, to reach a longer service life and higher productivity. Here Fote Machinery gives you some tips to maintain the ball mill:

1. Make sure to check the screw of the ball mill carefully when not in use, because the screw will relax after a long-time use, which is inevitable and worth your attention.

2. The screw of the ball mill should be lubricated every day during working, which could bring many benefits to the future production and great convenience to the future repair.

3. The motor of the ball mill also needs maintenance, often at the starting, which mainly is examined through the noise and heat generated.

4. The last item is the maintenance of the other components, because every part of it belongs to a whole machine, among which any component's failure to work may affect the machine.

The maintenance of the ball mill is a long-time and inevitable task, and needs the professional personnel to perform. Only we are responsible for the machine's condition, can it produce more value to us.

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