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The Energy Saving Methods of Magnetic Separator

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Magnetic separator is in the removal of iron powder particles, which is widely used in resource recycling, wood industry, mining industry, ceramics, chemical and other factories. It can be used for the wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, which is applied to particle size of below 3mm, and it also can be used for the iron removing operation of non metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. It is one of the most widely used equipment in aircraft industry with high versatility. This passage will introduce the energy saving ways of magnetic separation machine for you:

magnetic separator

1. Adjust the plate height of magnetic separator.

Iron ore dry separator material separating separator directly influences the separation effect of dry magnetic separator, the separator plate is too low, make extremely lean magnetite ore block is not better recovery, reduce the use rate of ore resources; the partition board is too high, the gangue minerals thrown is not complete, effect of dry magnetic separator for separating effect. Adjusted according to the specific circumstances of dry plate height, the dry separation can guarantee a certain tailings ratio, but also can make the non-magnetic minerals better throw.

2. Adjust the distance between separation plate and magnetic drum.

The distance between the separation plate and magnetic drum is an important parameter of pre concentration technology. If the feed spacer distance is smaller, the lean magnetite ore block does not have better recovery, which will reduce the use of ore resources rate; if the feeding distance increases, the gangue minerals are not better to be separated, so the grinding grade will decline, it will not play the grinding efficiency. According to the character of the ore as well as the adjustment plate and cylinder distance, the gangue is fully out. At the same time, it can ensure the full recovery of magnetic products, so as to ensure the recovery rate of the dry separation concentrate.

3. Increase the layer feeder of the material, and try to make the dry material layer thin and uniform.

For the dry permanent drum magnetic separator, the cylinder surface distance is farther, the more severe the magnetic decay and the material flow through the thick will cause magnetic particles and the nonmagnetic particles mutual inclusion, which will affect the separation effect of ore. If it can realize the particles on the belt, it will be the most ideal monolayer distribution. The requirements for dry separation before increasing the feeder of material layer will make the best use of the effective width of the belt, which makes the dry material layer thin and uniform to guarantee the dry separation effect.

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