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The Application of Flotation Equipment in Ore Dressing Operation

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Flotation equipment is widely used in iron ore beneficiation production. The flotation equipment widely used at home is flotation machine of various types: self-inspiratory mechanical flotation, inflatable mechanical mixing flotation and inflatable flotation. The research mainly focuses on the aspects like: the tub structure, the shape, diameter and speed of the impeller and the stator etc. the commonly used flotation includes flotation of XT series, BF series, JJF series and GF series etc. among which the SF series flotation, fine grained co-current flotation machine and the XPM type ejector flotation is newly put into use in the recent years. Besides, the flotation column previously used in the coal industry was successfully used in floating the iron ore, simplifying the process flow greatly and achieving a higher purity in the iron ore dressing.

The iron ore flotation process includes direct flotation, reverse flotation and the joint process. As is analyzed, although the direct flotation has a huge characteristic of low tailing grade, the grade of iron concentrate is not likely to increase because of the limitation of the selective collector. This is because that in the practical iron ore flotation processes, apart from the iron ore, some gangue mineral which are difficult to control and easy to float cannot be removed easily. This is also a main reason of the low grade of the iron concentrate with the direct flotation. So, this process is suitable only to the ore dressing of the materials with simple ingredients.

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