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The Functions and Maintenance of the Dry Type Magnetic Separator

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The permanent magnet cylinderical dry type magnetic separator produced by Fote Company is a magnetic separation machine to separate the magnetic dry ore powder, and it is mainly used in the dry separation of the fine-grained and strong magnetic minerals. It is also suitable to excluding the magnetic impurities and purification of magnetic materials from the powder materials. The magnetic grains adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder are unloaded in the discharge area and flow out from the magnetic products area. While the nonmagnetic grains will be removed from the cylinder under the action of centrifugal force and discharged from the nonmagnetic products area. This type of machine requires dry materials, among which the grains can move freely, if not, the performance will be weakened or even the materials may be unable to be separated.

How to maintain the dry type magnetic separator?

1. Keeping good lubrication of the machine is an important method to extend its service life. The exposed gear should be given enough lubrication and the oil filling hole on the bearing cap should be filled with oil every three months.

2. Check the wear-resisting layer on the barrel regularly, and repair the loose or broken parts in time. When being repaired, the broken parts and the surface of the cylinder should be cleaned by emery paper, then sticked firmly by glue.

3. Remove the wielding rod or wire etc. from the ore pulp, for fear that when the feedstock is not enough, these things will be brought up and wear or broke the tub skin. We can examine if there is something strange on the cylinder from the observation hole at the both sides.

The permanent magnet cylinder dry type magnetic separator produced by Fote Company has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, easy operating and convenient repair. We look forward your coming and visit.

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