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How to Solve the Ball Matching Problems of Ball Mill?

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Ball mill is the important equipment for grinding materials, which is widely used in cement plant, mineral processing plant, power plant, etc. The ball matching problems of ball mill often plague the majority of customers, which have directly affect the production efficiency of ball mill. So, how to calculate the matching ratio of the ball mill?

The reasonable friction between the steel balls, balls and ore, steel balls and lining plates will increase the wear of steel balls. So that big balls will be milled into medium ones, and medium balls into small ones. So,in most situations, you do not need to add balls. If there is no monomer dissociation in useful mineral particles, or the particle fineness is not up to the requirements of floatation, you need to add balls.

The ball ratio should be determined according to the general hardness and size of ore, the quality of steel ball, the speed of ball mill and other factors. The total amount of different ball mill is different. During the running process of a newly installed ball mill, the filling amount of balls should takes up 80% amount of the largest capacity when adding balls for the first time. Because the gears of the ball mill need to mesh and the quantity of ore also needs to increase gradually, the ball mill can be stopped after the continuous operation for two or three days. Examine the meshing conditions of the two gears, if everything is normal, just added the remaining 20% of balls.

Different types of ball mill have different ratio. So, what are the principles of setting the ratio?

1. Determine the total amount of steel ball according to the power of main motor.

2. Determine the maximum diameter of steel ball.

3. Use the rationality of steel ball surface to measure ball ratio.

4. It should be in accordance with the filling principle of the steel ball and the types of plates.

5. Calculate the unit production of balls to verify the rationality of the ball distribution.

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