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Placer Gold and Placer Gold Ore Dressing Equipment

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After lode gold is oxidized, scoured by the rain and transferred by hydraulic power, and mixed with gravels, then placer gold is formed. Placer gold mainly exists in the ancient and present riverbeds, as well as in the native areas of lode gold. Gravity concentration refers to the separation method which makes use of the large specific gravity of metals under the physic effect.

Gold Ore Dressing Equipment

Due to the mass exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, the mining grade of raw ores is declining day by day and the subsequent process proposes an increasingly higher requirement on the beneficiated products. In the meantime, human's awareness of environmental protection grows more and more reinforced. As a result, all these put forward higher and higher requirements on gold ore dressing equipment and facilities the mineral processing equipment develops unceasingly to the direction of larger, better and more efficient.

The development of mineral processing equipment usually goes hand in hand with the progresses of mineral processing technology. Technology is the leader and equipment is the foundation. The birth of a new type of mineral processing equipment usually brings great changes to mineral processing technology. Equipment's technical level is not only the premise of process state, but also directly affects the feasibility and smoothness of the entire production course.

With the constant advance of technology and science, various categories of science begin to infiltrate mutually and integration happens between lots of industries. All kinds of new structures, new materials, new technologies and new processing techniques emerge one after another. The extensive application of mechanical & electrical integration and automatic control technology powerfully promotes mineral processing equipment to innovate continuously and develop in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving.

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