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The Main Affecting Elements for the Efficiency of Trommel Screen

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The technical and economic indicators of trommel screen are the screening efficiency and productivity. The former is the quality index, and the latter is the quantity index. There are some relations between them, which are also related with many other factors, and these factors determine the results of screening. The affecting factors of the screening process can be roughly divided into three categories:

1. The physical properties of materials.

The properties include grain size, composition, humidity, mud content and particle shape of materials. When the fine particle content of material is larger, the productivity of the screen is also big. When the material humidity is relatively large, the general screening efficiency will decrease. But if the screen size is larger, the smaller effect the water will bring, so for the wet material contains the larger amount of water, it generally can increase the sieve to improve the screening process, or by using wet sieving method.

2. The influence of sieve properties and structure parameters.

Trommel screen makes the particles on the screen surface keep vertical motion, so the screen has high screening efficiency and large production capacity. While the relative motion between particles and the sieve surface is parallel to the motion of the bar screen, flat screen and drum screen, thus the screening efficiency and production capacity are low. If the effective sieve area (i.e. the sieve area and the whole screening surface area ratio) is larger, the productivity in per units of screen surface area and the screening efficiency will be higher.

3. The production conditions.

When the load is larger, the screening efficiency will be low. The screening rate largely depends on the mesh size and the overall screening efficiency; if the mesh size is larger, higher requirements will lead to lower screening efficiency; then the larger mesh size contributes to higher productivity. In addition, the screen angle should be appropriate, which can be generally determined through the test. Then the amplitude of the screen can be adjusted to improve the screening index.

Currently, there are many kinds of screens in the market. Their structures and components have become mature due to the rapid development of modern technology. Fote trommel screen is able to meet the screening requirements of the multi-layer and multi-particulate materials with high quality, reliable performance and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us!

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