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The Determinants of Magnetic Separator Efficiency

What determines the efficiency of magnetic separator? Next, the expert from Fote Machinery will introduce some determinants influencing magnetic separator efficiency.

1. Magnetic separator's working clearance has an influence on the separation effect.

a. When the working clearance is too big, the magnetic field force near the bottom will become smaller and the concentrate grade will become higher, but the tailings grade will also become higher, thus the recovery rate lowers down.

b. When the working clearance is small, the magnetic field force near the bottom will become stronger, tailings loss will reduce and the recovery rate will go up. But the concentrate grade will drop.

Magnetic Separator

c. When the working clearance is too small, it will influence equipment's processing capacity. Besides, the flow velocity of ore pulp will be greatly accelerated in the separating space, and the magnetic ore particles will be taken to the tailings, which increases the metal loss in the tailings, or even results in thankful.

2. Concentrating thickness and grinding granularity can affect the separation effect.

a. Bigger concentrating thickness leads to larger resistance and insufficient separation. The concentrate is easy to be mingled with gangue, resulting in a low concentrate grade.

b. When the concentrating thickness is too small, it will influence equipment's processing ability. The concentrate grade perhaps becomes higher, but tailings grade will be higher correspondingly. Excessively small concentrating thickness is more adverse for dewatering tank separation. Since it can't form ore bed and part of magnetic ore particles will run to the tailings, making the tailings raised and the recovery rate reduced.

c. If the ore grinding granularity is too coarse, the useful minerals fail to realize monomer separation. It leads to lower concentrate grade, higher tailing grade and poor separation effect.

d. If the ore grinding particle size is too thin, it will cause over-crushing and difficult separation. Because the superfine particles will run away from the tailings, so it results in higher tailing grade and lower recovery rate.

There are still many other factors that may influence magnetic separator's efficiency. Here I won't enumerate them one by one. If you have more questions, please visit our website and leave us a message.


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